My name is Manoli Lagos, and I’m a wellness consultant, certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My deepest passion is self-improvement, through the channels of nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and biohacking. This passion stems from the chronic health challenges I faced in my early 20’s where I dealt with hypothyroidism, sinusitis, and cystitis. As a young, active, and health-conscious person, I knew that there was a deeper issue. After years of experimenting, seeing countless traditional and functional medicine practitioners, I decided to take my well-being into my own hands. In doing so, I began to understand the power of the human body and its ability to self-heal. My passion soon became my obsession and led me to pursue health coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, eventually leading to the genesis of The Living Fuel.

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Prior to my coaching experience, I spent four years working as a strategic consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. During that time, I worked with Fortune 500 insurance companies, developing  growth strategies through M&A, divestures, new technologies and strategic planning. As a consultant, a majority my  time was spent on the road, eating-out and working long hours; and that quickly took a toll on my body. By my third year, I gained 15 pounds, had hypothyroidism and quickly developed a long list of other auto-immune related conditions. As I became self-educated, I created a unique system that reduced the stress of frequent travel and a demanding job. I soon began helping colleagues and friends make improvements in their well-being, ultimately leading me to pursue a health coaching certfication through IIN. Currently, I’m the proud founder of The Living Fuel, where I have had the experience of working with over 100 people.


Today, there’s an abundance of misinformation around health and wellness: from fad diets to weight loss supplements, consumers are being overwhelmed. My mission is to empower people with the knowledge to make health-related choices that will allow them to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Wellness doesn’t require time, it requires AWARENESS. As we work together I promise to not only HELP you reach your goals but I will TEACH you how to reach them through long-term sustainable change.

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