Corporate Wellness Certification

The Well-Corp Certification is the first ever product designed to raise workplace well-being standards, lower healthcare costs and recognize companies that offer elite wellness capabilities.

So why get certified? According to a 2018 Glassdoor survey, we now know that young job seekers place wellness benefits at the top of their priorities when seeking employement. The Well-Corp Certification is the first of its kind and will allow you to stand-out when recruiting elite talent. It’s also designed to keep your employees healthy and more productive by incentivizing healthy habits. With healthier and happier employees, you can expect higher retainment levels and lower healthcare spend. Schedule a free consult above to learn more!

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Certification Process


Wellness Assessment


Documentation review


Get Certified


Randomized HR audits

Wellness Trends

Wellness Program Benefits

Reduce healthcare insurance spend, average ROI for a wellness initiatve is $3.27 per $1 spent

Increase energy and employee productivity

Reduce employee absenteeism

Improve employee recruitment and retention

Improve strategic partnerships

Improve culture and morale

Certified Businesses