Corporate Wellness Programming


Working with corporations, our main focus is to reduce healthcare expenditure and improve outcomes through implementing health and wellness programs. Our employee wellness programs are designed to reduce risk, improve employee health and awareness, reduce absenteeism and strengthen recruiting and retainment capabilities.


corporate wellness program

Corporate Wellness Services

Wellness Workshops

These educational sessions are designed to compliment your corporation's wellness program, whether it's addressing burnout or beating afternoon brain fog, these workshops are built for you and your needs.

High Impact Coaching

Do you want to see increased performance from your most important people? Our executive-level coaching program is designed to get your most-valuable employees functioning at the highest-level.

Large Group Coaching

Group sessions are perfect for getting hands-on coaching expertise in an intimate setting. These sessions are designed to get employees to start making healthy choices on a daily basis.

Employee Education

Throughout the course of the program, employees will be given materials to incentivize healthy habits and increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Social Engagement

If you want to instill wellness across the entire organization, our communication program does just that through our newsletter, articles and various social media platforms.

Biometric Analysis

Biometrics are the key input to developing a successful employee wellness program, they allow us to hone in on the high risk areas. We then use this knowledge to build a custom wellness solution that's right for you.



Moxie Health

Moxie Health, a cutting-edge wellness platform for holistic health, transforming the way we think about our gut! Our partnership will enable the platform to grow it’s trusted practitioner network and add a wellness consulting arm to their offering!

Kinetic Body Therapy

Kinetic Body Therapy is a NYC-based emotional and physical healing practice. Together our services will enable people to heal from a holistic lens, incorporating both nutrition and progressive mind-body healing techniques.

AZ Sport Scholarships

AZ Sport Scholarships is a premier college placement agency, enabling student athletes to get scholarships in the U.S. Together, my wellness programs and private coaching will help prepare these athletes to perform at their highest level!