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I’m a wellness consultant and entrepreneur. Prior to my coaching experience, I spent four years working as a strategic consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. During that time, I worked with Fortune 500 insurance companies, developing growth strategies through M&A, divestitures, and strategic planning.


As a consultant, a majority of my time was spent on the road, eating out, working 16-hour days, and sleeping in hotels; and that quickly took a toll on my body. By my third year, I gained 15 pounds, and had hypothyroidism, chronic tonsillitis, cystitis, and heavy metal toxicity as well as a long list of other auto-immune-related conditions. 


During my fourth year, I hit rock bottom. After countless visits to both traditional and functional medicine practitioners, I decided to take my health into my own hands. In doing so, I began to understand the power of the human body and its ability to self-heal.


My passion soon became my obsession and once I had the chance to heal myself, I quickly began healing others, eventually leading to the genesis of The Living Fuel, where I personally have helped hundreds of people change their lives.


I am also a certified wellness consultant. My passion has also stemmed from overcoming my own challenges, from chronic illness to severe food allergies I’ve experienced it all. Everything really came to a head two years ago when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Weeks leading to my diagnosis, I was suddenly experiencing unexplained symptoms like loss of feeling in my arms and legs, loss of coordination, vertigo, panic attacks, memory loss, and heart palpitations to name a few. I spent a year undergoing extreme treatments and was bedridden for months on end. After doctors and medications failed me time and time again, I discovered the power of alternative medicine and nutrition in healing the body.⁣

As I began regaining control of my mind and body, I made the decision to devote all of my time and energy to helping people avoid the helpless feeling I once felt.⁣

Through my illness, I found clarity in my path and passion for helping others. Along with general health concerns, I specialize in food sensitivities and women’s health. By focusing on nutrition, movement, self-love, and mindset I also help clients gain a healthy and loving relationship with their food and their bodies. Without quick fixes, fad diets, starvation, or yo-yoing. Real, sustainable, and healthy FUELED living. 


Mission Statement

Today, there’s an abundance of misinformation around health and wellness: from fad diets to weight loss supplements, consumers are being overwhelmed 


Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge to make health-related choices that will allow them to live purposeful and fulfilling lives 

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