One-on-one in-depth consultations based on your individual health needs

Are you confused by food labels and fad diets? Do you struggle from lack of afternoon energy? Are you exercising and not seeing results? If the answer is yes to any of these, our wellness coaching program is for you.


Let us help you find clarity through our one-on-one personalized health coaching programs. As wellness coaches, we offer programs ranging from 1 super-session to 6+months of hands-on work, where we will help you implement long-term sustainable change. On this journey, we will give you the tools to become your best self.

get the life you desire and deserve




Service Offerings 

Meal plans

Workout plans

Guided grocery shopping tours

Grocery lists

Illness specific protocols

Supplement protocols



Weight Loss

Movement and Exercise 

Sleep Optimization

Stress Management

Digestive Issues

Focus & Cognition

Brain Fog

Chronic Fatigue


Women's Hormones

Immune Support

Routines & Habits



Manoli entirely redefined to me what it means to live a healthy life. I am walking away with an intricate roadmap that covers every facet of health and wellness imaginable. I can confidently say that I feel better than ever. My health is no longer a nuisance that I view as needing to be dealt with, but rather, a priority in my life that I genuinely enjoy improving upon every day.

- JT  Thiemann

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Manoli & Nicole are a joy to work with. I have also maintained my target weight, increased my energy level, and eliminated all prescription drugs (high blood pressure and gout). I could not recommend the Living Fuel any more highly if you are honestly looking to improve your health and your health IQ.

Paul Tatro

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Manoli has helped me surpass my health goals to levels I didn't think possible. I am faster and stronger than ever before. I am at my lowest body fat percentage and I have been able to play the sport I love pain-free. Manoli has helped me create positive habits to help me improve my sleep, mood, and mental health. 

- Dave Gollenberg