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A wellness consultancy founded for the sole purpose of improving lives. We have proudly helped over 9,300 people transform their health. Whether you're someone who wants to take your health to the next level or you're an employer looking to increase productivity in the workplace, your transformation starts here. 

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Corporate Wellness


Private Coaching

In our private coaching programs, we work with individuals to create custom plans that enable people to thrive and transform their health. Schedule a free consult and work with us directly if you want to take your health to the next level

In our corporate health and wellness programs, our mission is to encourage and educate employees to create a more productive and efficient workplace. With less sick days and absenteeism, you can expect better results!

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In working with Nicole in a little under 3 months I have dropped 45 pounds and feel amazing. If you are looking to start a healthy lifestyle due to being overweight, diabetic concerns, allergies, etc. - Nicole is your girl!  She is helping me change my life for the better and literally healed my body. I can't recommend her enough!  

- Kristie Biasello

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I initially reached out to Manoli for help with chronic ulcerative colitis. A month after we began working together, symptoms were entirely gone. I have found Manoli, and, the Living Fuel to be a limitless resource in the betterment of my being. I have since engaged Manoli to speak to my employees monthly, and, have witnessed a measurable increase in productivity of my company.

- Tommy Tsataronis, Founder of The Remus Group

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I came to Nicole for help with Lyme disease & immune dysfunction. After just 2 sessions I had so much energy, less brain fog, no overwhelming anxiety, no more crazy food reactions, I really turned the corner.  I didn't even know this level of brain clarity was possible. This was one of the greatest things I've ever done for my health!

- Haley Taroli

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As an auditor heading into the busy season, I hired Manoli to help me tackle 3 things: weight loss, mental energy, and improving my acne. In less than 2 months, I have lost 10 lbs, completely weened myself off prescribed medication for focus, and haven't seen a major breakout in weeks! I can truly say Manoli has made a major impact on my life!

- Ant Corea


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