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The Living Fuel 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to this year's gift guide filled with the latest and greatest for a friend, boyfriend, sister, or co-worker. Anyone you can think of, we got it covered.

Give the Gift of Health

Whether your friend is in need of stress management tools or your family member wants to improve their sleep, give the gift of health this holiday season. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consult to brainstorm the perfect gift.

Gifts For Him

Gifts For Her

Big Treats

Stocking Stuffers

Home Gifts

Gifts For Him

1. Ten Thousand Shorts

2. Oura Ring

3. Massage Gun

4. Cupping Tool

5. JBL Speaker

6. Ultra Boosts

7. Kion Aminos

8. Yeti Cooler

Gifts for Her

1. Workout Outfit

2. Slippers

3. Ilia Makeup

4. Timed Water Bottle

5. Non-Toxic Skin/Body Care

6. Obe Fitness

7. Ear Seeds

8. Humidifier

9. Eberjey Pajamas

10. Kosas Eye Kit

11.Ankle Weights

12. RMS Lip & Cheek Tint

Big Treats

1. Infrared Sauna Blanket - THELIVINGFUEL for 15% off

2. Somavedic - LIVINGFUEL for 10% off

3. Berkey Water Filter


Stocking Stuffers

1. Ice Roller

2. Clay Mask

3. Gua Sha

4. Gratitude Journal

5. RiseWell Oral Care - LIVINGFUEL10 for 10% off

6. Waterbottle

7. Dry Brush

8. Natural Fragrance Roller

Home Gifts

1. Red Light

2. Spice Organizer

3. Circadian Desk Light

4. Wind Down Alarm Clock

5. Air Fryer

6. Pink Salt Lamp

7. Cook Book

8. Branch Basic Cleaning - THELIVINGFUEL for 15% off

Happy Shopping!

-Nicole and Manoli
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